Respectful, supportive and sensitive handling of your Family Law / De Facto Law matters combined with extensive and specialised experience.

Uma Nadarajah, LLB (Hons) England and Wales, is the Principal of Knox Family Law; an Accredited Family Law Specialist and Collaborative Professional, which makes her particularly qualified to advise on Family or De Facto Law.

Why choose an Accredited Family Law Specialist?

If you are facing a Family Law matter, you need more than a run-of-the-mill legal practitioner. You need a legal practitioner who is also an ‘Accredited Specialist’, who can provide the most up to date, reliable and expert advice. Currently, just 6% of Victorian legal practitioners are Accredited Specialists. Make sure that yours is one of them.

A collaborative and tailored, approach

An Accredited Specialist legal practitioner should also be well versed in ‘Collaborative Law,’ an alternative form of dispute resolution based on identifying and providing for each client’s individual interests. Make sure your Accredited Specialist has successfully completed the Collaborative Law Practice Course run by the Law Institute of Victoria.

Minimising your costs and personal impact

An Accredited Specialist legal practitioner should be committed to resolving disputes as amicably and quickly as possible to minimise both legal costs and further damage to an already fractured relationship.
Your Accredited Specialist should offer all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution – not just resolve matters in court.

Why appoint Uma?

Culturally astute – Uma is highly attuned to cultural sensitivities by virtue of having advised clients from a range of backgrounds and cultural heritage; from Britain to Australia, from Singapore to Sri Lanka.

Community minded – Uma has served the community in and around the Melbourne suburb of Knox assisting with a variety of property- and child-related matters including relocations.

Personal philosophy – Uma believes in Alternative Dispute Resolution, which begins by attempting to resolve matters simply by getting people to sit and talk around a table. This can spare clients a lot of additional and unnecessary expense and stress. When matters cannot be resolved this way, Uma’s steely determination, commercially-intuitive approach and extensive courtroom experience ensures they are dealt with sagaciously.