Family Law handled with respect, support and sensitivity. Advice from Uma's extensive and specialised experience will set you on the right path for your future.

Uma Nadarajah, LLB (Hons) England and Wales, is the Principal of Knox Family Law; an Accredited Family Law Specialist in Melbourne. She is a Collaborative Professional who does not shy away from telling it like it is. She will tell you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want her to say. Her empathy and integrity drive her to succeed for those in need.

Why choose an Accredited Family Law Specialist?

To answer this question, we should firstly explain what an Accredited Specialist is.  An Accredited is assessed by senior members and peers in the Law Institute with technical, practical and academic expertise.  To become an Accredited Specialist, one must undergo rigours and tests to demonstrate knowledge, experience and skills to satisfy the Law Institute that they may be recognised for having a special competence in a particular area of law.  When dealing with significant issues surrounding your family, finances, security and quality of life, wouldn’t your interests be better served with a highly qualified, experienced and trained professional to represent you?

The best divorce lawyers in Melbourne don’t have to be based in the city

If you’re located in Melbourne, Knox, Ringwood or Glen Waverley you could very well find the journey to see Uma worthwhile.  She is also be well versed in ‘Collaborative Law,’ an alternative form of dispute resolution based on identifying and providing for each client’s individual interests.  Uma has practiced law in the UK, and in 1995 she was a criminal defence barrister in Victoria.  Driven by her sense of empathy and desire to deal with more humanistic issues, Uma exclusively deals only in family law services.

Have your family law matters resolved with the best outcomes in mind

Once you’ve decided it’s time to see a lawyer for divorce and you find the relationship is beyond repair don’t allow yourself to be confused with well meaning but ill informed advice. To minimise the adverse impacts of such a breakdown, it is often wise to deal with the issues amicably and quickly. Factors applicable to the couple may involve children, maintenance, support, custody, property, lifestyle and/or finances. There are potentially a number of complexities to be addressed in a minefield of legal and material matters. Even if you’re not ready to “make the break” and on amicable terms parties need to be informed and prepared. Seeing a professional will not only help you move forward but may also alleviate some conflicts and issues which you may not be aware of.

How do I choose the best family lawyer for me?

The choice of solicitor is even more daunting when it involves aspects of your life that go beyond legal considerations.  You not only need to have confidence in their skills and ability to ensure that your interests will be best served but you need to be comfortable that they are the right fit to understand and guide you through the process in a way that will relieve you of some of the stressors that you’re already dealing with.  With Uma you will be informed of what you need to know not what you want to hear.  Backed by a distinguished career in various aspects of law, she’s the family law solicitor that you’ll be glad to have to represent you for the protection of what is precious to you.