A Family Lawyer is not just for endings. We’re important for beginnings too.

photo-1474552226712-ac0f0961a954_500I know that when people think of a family lawyer, they think of endings. The end of marriages or de facto relationships. The aftermath, looking at child custody, and sometimes even will disputes. But Family Lawyers are also important at the beginning of relationships, especially where there are large amounts of money, or sizable asset portfolios to consider.

At the beginning of a relationship, prior to getting serious, you can have what is known as a ‘binding agreement’. These protect assets each person have acquired prior to the relationship beginning. Or, if there is an inheritance given to one party after the marriage or de facto relationship has started.

What is also lays out for both parties, is what will happen if there is a future breakdown of that relationship. This way both people know what will be split and how, without having to try and have a tug-of-war between emotional parties, and without the coffers of other lawyers being filled with disputes and prolonged arguments.

It might sound cold and logical, two people who are in love, visit a lawyer to protect assets and lay out the ground rules ‘just in case’, but it can give you a lot of peace of mind. You never plan things to end, it is never foremost in your mind, but a good plan can mean a lot less pain if it does come to happen.

And on the other side of that coin, how many relationships continue, with one or both parties sad and in pain, because of uncertainty, the bitterness about possessions and splitting up of assets? If you know already what you have, what asserts you have, what you have at hand to move on and continue a life as happy as you can be, is that not a better place to be, mentally, emotionally, and yes, logically?

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